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Delicacies that add joy to the holiday

Side Square sizi beklentilerinizi aşan lezzetlerle karşılıyor. Tatil günleri zengin kahvaltılar, enfes yemekler ve ferahlatıcı içeceklerle bir başka güzel!

Main Restaurant service

- All inclusive buffet

- Delicacies from the world cuisine

- Breakfast 07:00-11:00

- Lunch 12:30-14:00

- Dinner 19:00-21:00

The delicacies prepared by our skillful chefs are at the open buffet! You can visit our main restaurant to meet the best examples of the world cuisine. You will start your day in the best way with our breakfasts that combine fresh ingredients. You will enjoy the holiday with our delicious lunch and dinner.

Main Restaurant

You can contact us to make reservations and get information. You can share your experiences, opinions and suggestions with us.

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